Because leadership is not easy

Even the most natural leaders need support from time to time.

Fran’s approach to leadership mentoring and training recognises that leadership is tough and that people need support to become reach their full potential.

As an experienced leader herself, Fran recognises that leading in real life is not as easy as simply applying what you learn from a course.

Fran supports new and experienced leaders, helping them to fulfil their potential and respond to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

The world is missing out on the ideas and capability of some of the most talented purpose-driven leaders because they don’t believe in themselves.

The leaders who succeed are the ones who believe that they can. They’re not always the best leaders.

Sometimes, the best leaders are the ones who need some help fulfilling their potential.

Responsive, practical evidence-based leadership development

When you’re working in a business, you’re dealing with people, emotions, change, and power dynamics. This is what makes leadership so hard.

Fran’s approach is borne out of a combination of theory and practice; academic rigour and leadership lessons painfully learned. She’s been there, done that, and thoroughly worn out the t-shirt. Her methods and approach reflect that this is real life and that frameworks can’t always be easily applied. 

Fran goes beyond traditional leadership development. She incorporates reflective practice, systems theory, change management techniques, and approaches to understanding and influencing power and culture.

Fran works with leaders who are not fulfilling their true potential, in an era when leaders need to be able to respond quickly and confidently to the needs of this exciting but ever-changing world.

Meet Fran, our MD

Before setting up on her own, Fran spent over two decades supporting innovation across social-purpose organisations, latterly as CEO of a housing charity. In her CEO role, Fran led the organisation to financial resilience through process of strategic and culture change, and income diversification through trading. 

Since launching her own business in February 2020, Fran has supported dozens of purpose-driven leaders to respond successfully to the challenges of the pandemic, and to develop their organisations and themselves. 

“I have always been impressed with Francesca, she has great people management skills and the quality of the strategy that she has written for us is exceptional. Not only that but I have found her very patient when listening to what I want to do and able to formulate a plan which encapsulates our needs. She has a very high level of integrity and is very reliable and I trust her to deliver what we want in a timely manner. She has massively helped us here at The Suit Works, not just in terms of the success of her bid writing but also in terms of her giving us the confidence to move forward with our strategy.”

Vanda Kewley, Director,

The Suit Works

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