Group Leadership Training Programme

A group leadership training programme for purpose-driven leaders looking to develop their confidence, impact, and skills. We will focus on strategic vision, self-awareness and reflection, managing power dynamics, and becoming a transformational leader.

This programme is currently running online, though we hope to introduce in-person training once normality resumes.

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to support purpose-driven leaders and aspiring leaders to understand how to reflect and develop, and to better understand some of the frameworks and techniques that will help them to succeed and thrive.

When you take on a leadership role, you have to venture into the unknown. You’ll be responsible for making tough choices that can have enormous consequences. Remember that leaders are brave and that even the most experienced leaders fail sometimes.

Key learning outcomes:

This programme will help you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the impact that your approach has on people and systems
  • Understand when external factors might influence your judgement or view
  • Identify how power dynamics and systems impact your role as a leader
  • Draw on different techniques that you and your team can use to reflect on and improve your approach

Course Duration:

3 days (run over six-half days on Zoom).

The course is limited 12 participants to ensure that everyone can be heard and includes additional WhatsApp support and a copy of the Reflective Leadership Guide.

If you would like leadership training for the people in your business including directors, leaders, or employees, get in touch. 

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From my time studying with Fran, it is immediately obvious the vast amount of knowledge that she has. She is highly-skilled in strategic planning and really understands what organisations need. Fran is highly experienced within the third sector and understands what the future looks like for charities. She is skilled at writing grant applications and advising on fundraising. In her consultant role, Fran will genuinely be an asset to any organisation – I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emma Garland

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